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Summer Exhibition at the Berkeley Gallery Berkhamsted

The House of Ugly Fish summer exhibition will be held from the 19th of July through to September the 30th where, in addition to our permanent exhibition, we will be displaying a more extensive and comprehensive range of Lisa's unique fused glass art.

The exhibition will begin with an open evening on Friday 19th July from 6pm to 9pm, where you are welcome to join us for a drink and have a chance to meet Lisa in person to discuss her ground breaking designs and discover the process behind them. She will also be available at the exhibition on Saturday 20th.

The Berkeley Gallery

39 - 43 Lower Kings Road

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Latest News

  • Bespoke artwork

    What’s handmade, beautiful to look at, completely unique to you and 100% waterproof? Fused glass art of course! The House of Ugly Fish is firmly places at the forefront of glass making and specialise in creating bespoke fused glass art to complement any home.

    Boasting clients as far afield as Europe, Australia, the US and the Middle East, our reputation in the fused glass art work is second to none.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Some exciting news from The House of Ugly Fish… we’re moving! We will be relocating to a new premises very soon and as you know, as exciting as it is, moving can be a little stressful, especially if you have a ton off stuff. That’s why, to make the move that little bit easier, we’ve decided to have ourselves a sale. Take advantage of the offers and pick yourself up a bargain at our moving sale! We’ve got fused glass art and accessories all ready to be snapped up.

  • Kitchen and bathroom art work

    A lot of the time our clients end up commissioning more than one piece of fused glass art for their home, which is great because we absolutely love getting to flex our creative muscles in more than one room.

    As we work in the fused glass art business, the two rooms we tend to work most often with are the kitchen and the bathroom. Glass splashbacks are very popular for the kitchen and our fused glass art looks great in any bathroom; because of the nature of fused glass art, the steam and moisture in these places won’t affect it unlike traditional art work.

  • Glass splashbacks in their place

    We’ve been creating glass splashbacks for a number of years and now is the time that we feel they are really coming into their own. They’re such a popular addition to any kitchen and can really become the focal point of the room. Glass splashbacks are great because really, no matter what the style, colour, shape or design of your kitchen, you can find one to complement your space. Because we offer a bespoke glass splashbacks service, we make it even easier for you to get glass splashbacks to suit your kitchen.

  • Location, Location, Location

    Our sole passion is creating beautiful fused glass art for people that they can display in their homes. But we love to see the finished piece in its final resting place and we’re always excited by the completely different locations out fused glass art ends up!

    We have such a variety of different clients and they’re spread out all across the country – sometimes even further afield than that. As our client base is so broadly spread out, once we’ve made a fused glass art piece, we always ask our happy clients to send us pictures so we can share them with you.

  • The difference between fused glass windows and stained glass windows

    A lot of the time perspective clients come to us looking for stained glass windows or doors for their home. Whilst here at The House of Ugly Fish, we don’t actually specialise in stained glass windows, we do create glass window designs and bespoke windows and a lot of the time, the client ends up working with us anyway! But what’s the difference between stained glass windows and glass window design?

    Stained glass windows almost exclusively refer to the windows found in churches. The glass is coloured using metallic salts during its manufacture and then small pieces of the glass are arranged to form patterns or pictures. Stained glass windows are held together in a frame so that all the different pieces of glass stay in place.

  • Ideal Home Show Manchester
    Ideal Home Show Manchester

    This year, Manchester will be home to the iconic Ideal Home Show; an event that showcases a wide range of areas that includes Interiors, Home Improvements, Food & Housewares, Technology, Gardens, Woman and Shopping. There are thousands of products to see and unique offers that aren’t available anywhere else!

    The Ideal Home Show has been running for 106 years now, but this is the first time the event has been in Manchester and we can’t wait to go! It’s great to have a show that’s pretty close to home as it means we don’t have to travel far with our fused glass art and glass splashbacks samples.

  • Glass Window Design

    I feel like we say this quite a lot, but, it’s been a busy period for us over here at The House of Ugly Fish! We’re starting to sound like a broken record I know, but we just love to keep you updated with what we’ve been up to. Recently we’ve been getting clients looking for our glass window design services. It’s most likely due to the time of year; spring is rearing its head and we’re finally starting to see some rays of sunshine breaking through!

    We’d like to share two examples of our recent work in glass window design that we think highlight how different our fused glass designs can be.

  • Choosing the perfect piece

    If you’ve been thinking about investing in some artwork but haven’t quite decided what kind you’re after, we’re here to help. Figuring out what kind of artwork you like and then want can be tricky. But if you’ve been solely focusing on traditional artwork, can we make a suggestion; fused glass art.

    Fused glass art is great because it means you are in control of what goes into the artwork. You can choose a design around your favourite colour palette, or if you change your décor quite often you can design something that will work within most colour schemes. That way, if you redecorate, your artwork won’t become redundant.

  • There’s Nowhere Else like London
    There’s Nowhere Else like London

    National treasure Dame Vivienne Westwood once said that, “There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.” With its bustling streets, wealth of culture and almost tangible buzz, it’s no surprise that our capital city has inspired and enchanted so many notable figures and members of the public.

  • Sail away with me

    “I put my heart in your hand”

    We think this David Gray lyrics is apt when it comes to describing the process of making our bespoke fused glass art for our clients. Our clients come to us with an idea, design or theme that comes from the heart, and then it’s our job to take it in our hands and mould it into something real; in our case, fused glass art.

    One of our clients from Southampton, a major port city as you know, wanted some fused glass art that reflected this. We made a fused glass art piece to go on the wall which we think works so well in this space:

  • Changing rooms is changing formats

    Whilst our work is strictly in fused glass art and glass splashbacks, we really are into anything design based and as design fanatics, we used to love the show Changing Rooms that used to be on the BBC. We’re sure you know which show we’re talking about, it was the do-it-yourself home improvement show that saw two couples swap houses and each decorate a room in the other’s home. It was great! They had designers on hand, advising and helping out, but sometimes they did go a little OTT and the show ended in tears and tantrums. We really only matched it for the design tips though, honest…

  • From Phoenicians to House of Ugly Fish

    Our memorable brand name has become synonymous with fused glass art and coloured glass splashbacks, and The House of Ugly Fish is now firmly placed at the forefront in the world of glassmaking. But where did fused glass art come from? In this blog we’d like to take you through a brief history of fused glass art.

  • New home, new project

    One of our friends has recently purchased a house, which is an exciting prospect for anyone, and now the home is finally theirs, they can’t wait to start putting their own stamp on the place. Decorating is one of the most fun parts of owning your own home. After years of renting, you can get sick of bowing to the landlord’s wishes, rules and regulations, and having to get permission if you want to hang a picture, paint a wall or even move some furniture. So it’s such a great feeling of freedom when you own your own property and you can do whatever you like with it!

  • Design crazy!

    It’s great when we get a chance to peek into our favourite celebrities homes. And this week we got a glimpse into Kourtney Kardashian’s luxurious Los Angeles home as she’s recently put it on the market. And boy was it a treat for the eyes! Kourtney has really gone design crazy with her extravagant home, with a wacky mix of colours, textures, designs and patterns filling every room, with no two rooms having the same theme.

  • Score a perfect 10 at your dinner party

    One of the best ways to entertain your friends is by throwing a dinner party! Well we think so anyway; maybe we’ve just been watching too many episodes of Come Dine With Me. But it really is a great way to socialise and get all your friends together. Going out to restaurants and bars can get expensive and sometimes, you just don’t want the hassle. Getting your friends round to yours, cracking open the wine and whipping up a fantastic meal sounds like the perfect night to us, and you don’t even have to leave the house!

  • People will remember your brand with a Rembrandt
    Author Peter Harris has said that if art that is kept by various corporations and companies was to be collected in one museum, “it would be the finest in the world.” Harris has co-authored a book with Shirley Reiff Howarth, which outlines and celebrates the absolutely amazing pieces of art that different businesses have been collecting over the years.
  • Competition winner

    We’d like to thank everybody who took part in our competition, it really means a lot to us that so many people took the time out to like and share our page. The only drawback is that there could only be one winner. We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Cathy Tunstall on being the winner and she now has £300 to spend on bespoke fused glass art!

    We’ve already let Cathy know she’s the lucky winner on Facebook and this is what she had to say:

  • 2014 is here…
    2014 is here…

    We don’t know about you but here at The House of Ugly Fish, we absolutely love the New Year. Whilst some people find January a little downbeat, what with Christmas being over and done with, we find it to be a really optimistic time of the year. For us, January is the month that is filled with positivity and the prospect of new beginnings. The whole year is laid out ahead of you and you have 12 months to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself. We get really excited in January and always start planning new things. We’re sure we’re not the only ones.

  • Home is where the heart is

    Home is where the heart is. That’s the old saying anyway, but it’s something we really believe in. Your home is such an important place; it’s your sanctuary, your safe place and your place of comfort. Everything you hold dear resides in your home so it’s important to show your home some love.