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The House of Ugly Fish - Fused Glass Art by Lisa Villarospo

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  • Bespoke Fused Glass Art Kitchen Splashbacks

    Applications for The House Of Ugly Fish fused glass art are numerous. One in particular is for kitchen and bathroom areas where traditional art work is often unsuitable. What could be better than a custom made fused glass splashback in the kitchen which will tie in with a design and colour scheme?

  • Bespoke Fused Glass Art for the Swimming Pool and Spa

    The humid atmosphere of wet areas such as swimming pools, spas, bathroom and shower rooms are often a no-go areas for fine art such as traditional framed pictures and canvases.

  • Bespoke Fused Glass Art Service for the Home and Commercial Environment

    A bespoke service from The House of Ugly Fish gives complete flexibility when designing any room in the home. Many of our clients provide photographs, fabric, wallpaper and paint swatches. These colour references are then used to create a completely unique art piece to compliment the room or simply to provide a statement focal point for the room.
  • Bespoke Fused Glass Art Accessories

    Fused Glass Art Accessories can be commissioned in exactly the same the way as a splashback or a piece of glass wall art. Your accessory will be made to your design and colour specification

    Bowls, coasters and Lazy Susans can be ordered as individual pieces or to compliment other feature pieces.

  • Bespoke Fused Glass Art Windows, Doors and Partitions

    With bespoke fused glass art designs, we can produce stunning transparent designs for use in windows and doors.

The place to go for Handmade Bespoke Fused Glass Art and Coloured Glass Splashbacks

British art company, The House of Ugly Fish is run by husband and wife team, Paul and Lisa. They specialise in creating handmade, fused glass art and coloured glass splashbacks for both home and commercial environments.

Their creations go where others cannot.

The instantly memorable brand name has become synonymous with fused glass art and coloured glass splashbacks, and The House of Ugly Fish is now firmly placed at the forefront in the world of glassmaking. As can be seen in the Portfolio section, a bespoke service is offered where the glass can be tailor made to order in addition to an extensive range of fused glass art designs.

From their Cheshire base, fused glass art has been designed for clients all over the UK and overseas including Europe, Australia, USA and the Middle East.

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